Jessie is one popular girl and is always in high demand and its easy to see why.

She has a glamour model body, Dark toned skin and a smile that will melt your heart.


A sexdate with escort Jessie

Name: Jessie
Age: 21 year
Hair Color: Dark
Eye Color: Brown
Length: 5"4
Figure: Busty
Cupsize: 36
Available: Yes
Escort: Yes
Dinnerdate: No
Striptease: No
Greek: No
Duos M/M: No
Duos M/F: No
Watersports: No
Dominant: Yes

Juicy Jessie is 21 has dark hair, a amazing curvy body and a steamy personality.

She loves to flirt and wears the sexiest of outfits. She loves all types of dates and loves to make you feel good,